My affinity for the rainforest started at an early age growing up in Ecuador, South America.  I would marvel at the luscious green canopies covering the moist brown earth moving with creepy crawlies.  “How could anything possibly be so beautiful?”, I wondered.

I grew up connected to the people of the land.  I grew up believing that the earth and the peoples of the earth would always be protected.  I grew up believing there was no way on earth all this beauty would ever be destroyed or exploited.

My world was slowly shattered as I realized that we live in a self-serving greedy antiquated society of old farts who somehow have the power to control the world.  Exploitation of the earth’s resources has become a common practice and even socially acceptable in many circles.

In spite of research proving that the health of the rainforest is elemental in the survival of rest of the world the rate at which it is being decimated is saddening.  There are opposing arguments in support of what they call “modern economic growth” but they are ignorantly turning their heads to the truth as the other hand is collecting the wealth from their nefarious actions.

What can we do?  We can bring more awareness to what is really happening.  We can begin to learn why the rainforest is essential for the survival of our planet.  We can support causes that help save the rainforest, the lungs of the earth.  We can teach our children how important it is to find alternatives to fossil fuels, in fact, they already exist!

Here is a video of an eloquent young woman speaking truthfully about her home, the amazon rainforest.  Guess what?  It’s our home too!

If you feel called and have the means to support the Amazon and the people of Amazon please donate here. 



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by Joaquina 

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