Mireya de Luz


This is My Story

Although I come from Navajo descent I started my healing journey as a young child growing up in Ecuador learning to listen to the voices of nature and riding my horses.  Living in the Andes taught me what it truly meant to be a free spirit connected to all of creation, how to walk with humbleness on this earth, the power of inner silence, and the many intricacies of human relationships.  These formative years helped pave the road for my years to come.
Coming back to the States when I was 20 was like a jolting shock of lightening to my senses and I fell into depression as I began to loose myself in a very confusing whirlwind trying to find the fragmented pieces of my soul.  During this time, I took a huge leap and left the religion my parents had raised me in along with everyone I knew at the time in search of what I had lost.  Instead of finding myself I became even more lost in a toxic life of partying and drugs that almost killed me on several occasions.  One day, something began to nudge at me urging me to remember who I was.
Looking for an answer, I carried my pain and suffering to the Stupa in Fort Collins to find a reason to keep living.  Sitting before Buddha I had my first direct experience as my soul was opened up like the flood gates that slowly swelled and broke free with a fierceness that could not be ignored.  Visions of the harm I was causing my family and myself began to flash before my eyes as emotions of deep sadness and hurt overflowed into tears and extended out to the earth and all of creation.  Buddha began to cry with me from his right eye as he came down and gently touched my shoulder. Right then, all of the intense heaviness was transmuted into hope and compassion.  For the first time in my life I knew there was an omnipresent existence that some call “god”.
Going back home carrying the gifts from spirit that I received at the Stupa I was able to quit my drug use and cut ties with the toxic relationships that kept me prisoner.  This would be the beginning of many direct experiences from the many spirit beings that assist me.  Guided by this divine energy pulsing in my veins, I  found my first teacher, a Medicine Man of the Lakota tradition. 
I began learning the ancient ways of spirit, teachings of the elders, and shadow work.  I went through many intense traditional initiations that taught me how to commune with spirit.  On one of these occasions, I had a near-death experience  in which I crossed over into the spirit realm and was gifted my “medicine bundle” that initiated me as a medicine woman.   I now do my best to share the gifts and knowledge I received from the spirits and divine beings with others.
 I eventually reconnected with my roots in South America and began studying the ancient plant traditions of this region.  I have studied under several shamanic healers of Peru.  I am now of the belief that it is important to create alliances with fellow medicine people who walk this path with deep integrity.  
Ayllu Masikunapa~Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations


Mireya is respected in her community as a source of knowledge about shamanic practices, plant based medicines, healing modalities, ancient teachings, snd spiritual guidance.  Her studies in healing art modalities include CranioSacral Therapy, trauma touch therapy, Chinese Medicine, and energy healing.  Her spiritual training involves ancient initiation work and ceremonies, shadow work, spirit walker initiation, and other training that has no name.  

Her specialties include healing and ceremony work using Lakota songs and Icaros of South America, extractions, spiritual/shamanic healings, ferry man crossing work, and work to awake the deep inner being. She practices a very rare ancient way of healing that has transformed many peoples lives.  For more than a decade, she has humbly committed her life to being of service to others.

On her free time she also enjoys teaching a few students at time, spending time with family, and saying prayers in nature.  She also enjoys volunteering her time in indigenous communities of the Lakota Nation and South America.