Master Plant Medicine Retreat

Bocas del Toro, Panama   April 18-28, 2018


As we continue to move through this period of deep transformation many of us are beginning to wake up from the false illusion that has kept us asleep for so long. This is the time we begin asking important questions like: Why am I here? What is my role or purpose in all of this? How can I help myself and others heal? These are just a few of the questions that can begin to spark the fire within, letting us know that it is time to open the original wound.

Waking up demands of us to stay on the path of the heart, and not feed into the chaos that surrounds us every day. Waking up means to discover your inner voice that can begin to guide you to heal the wounds of the past. Waking up involves letting go of your identity and diving deeper into the mystery as you shed the many layers of programming, conditioning, beliefs, and wounds.

The intention of this retreat is to help you break free from the daily routine and disruptions of life to help you remember how to begin to see, feel, sense, and know again the parts of yourself that have been waiting to be rediscovered. This adventure is a journey into the world of the other.  A journey into spirit.  Breathing in the powerful frequency of the Jungle surrounded by the ocean, trees, nature, and the beautiful cacophony of sounds will awaken your indigenous soul, sing to your lost spirit, open our heart to a new awareness, and reconnect you with nature.  Come join this transformative experience to immerse yourself in ancient rituals and plant spirit medicines.

This retreat is for you if you have a deep desire to shift your life into something new. Together we will engage in plant medicine work, interactive workshops, individual healing sessions, body-mind-spirit centered practices, and shamanic practices.  

Join Mireya de Luz and Aru Viento for this 10 day Master Class in Bocas Del Toro, Panama  April 18-28, 2018.  

Group size is limited to 10 participants.   Unique lodging opportunities are available on a first come-first serve basis.  


Talks and Workshops:

• Shadow Work: Diving into the hidden aspects of the psyche to unveil your gifts

• Story Telling:  Story as a vehicle for understanding archetypes in ourselves and around us

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Merging the different energy bodies to further healing and universal awareness

• Quantum Energetic Healing: Shifting perception through direct experience to heal yourself

• Shamanic Journeying: Learning to travel to retrieve your power animals and navigate other realms

• Chakra Systems:  The 7 chakras and techniques to remove their emotional blockages 

• Ethics of Shamanism:  Using the 8 limbs of Yoga as a foundation for the ethical use of power

• Despacho preparation and ceremony: Learn how to give offerings and prayers to the spirits


Activities and Practices:

• 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies

• 1 Huachuma ceremony

• Qi Gong classes

• One on one healing and guidance with Shaman

• Integrative Healing and Sharing Circles

• Jungle Hikes 

• Organic food and Fresh local Fish


About Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro, is an extremely unique region of the planet.  Meaning “Mouth of the Bull”, this region is an archipelago composed of 9 different islands.  Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Panama’s first National Marine Park, Bocas del Toro has also become one of Panama’s most visited eco-tourism destinations. Considered the ‘Galapagos of the Caribbean’ Bocas del Toro is also one of the most biologically diverse places on earth.  

 For this trip we will be staying on Isla San Cristobal which is located on Dolphin Bay otherwise known as  Laguna Bocatorito.  Isla Cristobal is home to a local indigenous group named the Ngäbe and there is also a chocolate farm on the island.  

We will be staying at a very unique 145 acre private reserve on San Cristobal with several dreamlike habitations. This area is located directly on Laguna Bocatorito and has its own coral reef.  The dolphins visit almost daily and the water in the lagoon sparkles blue with bioluminescence at night.  The island is teeming with various tropical birds such as Macaws and parrots and a multitude of flowers and brightly colored frogs dot the landscape.  You will enjoy fresh local fruits and vegetables daily as well as the option to eat locally caught fish from Ngäbe fishermen.


This retreat is for you if:

  1. You have a deep desire to reconnect with yourself
  2. You are willing to be honest with yourself
  3. You have already done some personal work and would like to go to the next step
  4. You feel stuck in your life
  5. You would like to go beyond your limitations
  6. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone
  7. You have a desire to unlock your soul’s true potential and connect with your souls evolution
  8. You have a sincere desire to connect and work with others
  9. You have had a series of super natural experiences or soul awakening symptoms that you are trying to integrate into your life
  10. You are sick and tired of feeling trapped


When: April 18-28, 2018


Where: Bocas del Toro, Panama


Cost: $2600 early bird (before November 15, 2017) $2750 (after November 15, 2017)


Price includes: accommodations and meals at retreat center, all classes, workshops, ceremonies, healings, guided trips, transports to and from airport at Bocas del Toro, Panama.

NOT Included: Airfare, meals while not at retreat center.

We will meet in Bocas del Toro on the morning of April 18th to catch a water taxi to the island.  More information will be available as we get closer to the retreat date.

You will need to fly from the USA to San Jose, Costa Rica.  From there you will need to catch a flight to Bocas del Toro via Copa Airlines or Avianca Airlines.  These tickets can be purchased before you leave the USA.  Also remember to bring $29 cash per person for the departure fee at the airport and $3 per person for arrival fee in Bocas del Toro.

Payment: via paypal or check.  Please pay a non-refundable $750 deposit to reserve your spot.  

Sign-Up Application: The retreat sign-up process is not on a “first come, first serve basis”. You need to apply for it by writing to us about your intentions for joining and a little background about yourself. We also Skype (no charge) with anyone who is sincerely interested. Just be yourself. We want people to be clear what the retreat is about and make sure it’s really suited for you.


  • You are on any psychiatric drugs/anti-depressants.
  • You are severely challenged engaging in physical activities.
  • You are just curious.

What People Are Saying

I have attended ceremony under Mireya’s Shamanic guidance several times. I have been doing my own deep work for many years prior to finding Mireya. The result of the ceremonies I have attended with her have helped open me up in ways that are truly awe-inspiring. I have stepped confidently into my power. I am no longer asking the world for permission to be the outrageous cosmic being that I am. I am no longer fearful of what others think, nor am I kept in the neat packaging others may need or want me to be in. I no longer fear revealing my true self to others, of being fully seen. The courage, strength, openness, power, and unconditional love that I have accessed from the ONE REALITY leave me speechless and on my knees in utter gratitude. I am humbled. ~MK



“Safe Space. Wisdom. Love. In order for an individual to make the most out of sitting in ceremony, these three elements must be present in order to do the work. Having sat with Mireya and Aru in ceremony, for years now, I can say with confidence that these are the reasons I continue to return and am no longer seeking a place to explore my healing.  The relief that brings is a gift of its own.  Mireya and Aru have taken the meaning of “healer” to a new level.  Their desire to help people grow and wake up is an honor to witness and be a part of. The icaros and prayers throughout ceremony are beautiful and guide you on your journey.  When seeking such a practice it is important to know that you will be protected & guided and that your efforts will lead to a greater understanding of self and purpose.  With Mireya and Aru you can rest assured that this will be the case.  Joining them on this path has been, by far, one of the greatest decisions of my life.”