“To know thy power, is to know thy strength.” ~ unknown

We must learn of our powers, so as to heal others in the same way.  This is why the path of the shaman is to first heal him/herself.  This involves surrendering to the dark night of the soul where all is forsaken and left to die: the place where all the bones are rotting in the forgotten places of the psyche.

This is the home of the dark shadow, the “heava”, that has existed as long as time.  It is neither from here nor there.  It roams around taunting and tempting those who are weak.  It has no form because it takes on the form of your thoughts.  It has no soul because it eats yours.

By understanding its role in this life and by accepting it for what it is, you can create a relationship with it.  Know that you can never get rid of it.  You must not allow yourself to be taken over by fear of it.  No, instead, take a warrior stance as you guard your kingdom from invasion.

Only by doing this will you begin to have power.  Only then can you heal someone else.

Many people try to bypass this very important step in spiritual evolution.  Those are the people who usually talk a lot about themselves to anyone who listens about how much “work” they have done and about all the things they can do.  Those are the people who only want to talk about “love and light”, or “love and compassion”.  While these are qualities we all have to cultivate, the darkness also has to be looked at head on so we can begin to heal all aspects of life, all the unspoken darkness that has been ignored for way too long.

By creating a relationship with our own dark shadow the world also can begin to heal these deep wounds.  Generations can heal, the planet can heal, and man can find a new way to live that will reflect our true nature.  

I offer spiritual healing services that can help you identify your patterns and create a relationship with your dark shadow and with all Mitakuye Oyasin.  


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