“As you awaken into this awareness, you may know yourself simultaneously as one among many and as one at the source of many.  It is impossible to be truly individual without this awareness.” – Ken Carey

The process of awakening is a very intimite experience that occurs between your higher self or spirit and the unknown force of the universe.  Within this “force” is contained a library of information that any star traveler who dares to go to these depths can tap into a plethora of ancient wisdom.

In order to access this universal bibloitheca where the normal rules of space and time have no domain you must flip your normal way of thinking.  You must look from above rather than from below.  You must reach a place of knowing thyself.  Of course, you can only truly know yourself once all the images of self are dissolved.  Love is the catalyst capable of this dissolution.

Feel Love

Feel the love that life is offering you with every inhale of breathe that caresses your lungs, with the sacred rivers of blood that flow in your veins, feel love in the sun that warms your nurturing home,  in the rains that water the earth that sustains our bodies, feel love in the laughter of a baby, in the eyes of your child, a friend, or a lover.  This love is what dissolves the constructs of your illusion and breaks the subtle ties that hold you captive.  You are worthy and deserving of this love.

Letting Go

Another key to awakening is to move through the process of letting go of favored concepts, beliefs, and attachments to human knowledge.  This allows you to walk down the middle ground between your individuality and the whole of which you are a part.  You will no longer be held by the confines of fear and struggle.  Illusion created by ego will fade away and your true self will slowly be revealed.


This is not to say that one has to totally let go of ego.  Ego and spirit work in partnership with each other.  Ego provides the impulse necessary to drive the ship.  Remember though that awakening is a process of identity shift rooted in sense of self and ego to a sense of identity rooted in the unified field of consciousness that lies behind all individuality.  In essence, a reality greater than you.

Until you have the realization of this reality you are but a programmed product of human culture.  You are not truly yourself.  Choices in your life will be dictated by the image you portray yourself as to society.  This image will inconsequentially become the life you experience.

Does this sound familiar yet?  Instead of letting despair take hold make a courageous step forward to the edge of the mountain where you can see the untraversed dark valley that awaits only the boldest of travelers.  I dare you to take the leap into the unknown.  Will you?

Leap of Faith

This is part of the psychological process that is undergone in order to continue on the path of awakening.  You must take a courageous leap of faith into the darkness, the unknown force of the universe, guided by love.  Taking only yourself, leaving everything else behind.

Step by step you will begin to learn to love deeper and fuller.  Conceptual understanding will begin to take the foreground in your expanding conscious.  Your energy will begin to flow freely, unhindered, and rapidly as you tap into the eternal awareness of the universal intelligence.  This is the point where One Being pours into many beings of time.

From here you will begin to understand the subtle synchronicities of life as you tune into the higher frequencies of life.  Life will begin to unfold easier and new doors will begin to open offering greater opportunities.  When life is embraced with an all encompassing open heart there are no limitations.

Star travelers prepare for departure!

by Joaquina

Photo credit: Hartwig HKD

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