Pre & Post Ceremony Counseling

Building a supportive foundation before ceremony and learning to integrate deep awakenings with grace




Spiritual~Shamanic~Energetic Work

Awaken into a new perception and understanding of reality

Praying in Gratitude

Reconnecting with the peoples, the four-legged, the creepy crawlies, the winged ones of the heaven, the sea creatures, and all of creation through prayer

Spiritual Support & Awareness

Healing the wounds that cry out to be heard and learning new ways to exist by integrating our spiritual experiences into our daily lives


Pre/Post Ceremony Counseling

These one-on-one sessions are designed to help you prepare for your medicine journey and then to help process your experience so you can integrate the new changes into your life

Spiritual Healing Sessions

This session will help identify patterns, trauma, external energies, and other influences in your life that need to be resolved, removed, and/or integrated into your mind-body

Ferryman Crossing

Special services for our loved ones who have passed to ensure that they have reached a place of healing and forgiveness so they can be carried to the light~the place we are all born from

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